So Young Episode 3 Eng Sub

So Young summary and information

1080p hardsubs- Mega, Openload, Zippyshare- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (Join Zippyshare files with HJ-Split)

480p hardsubs- Mega, Openload, Zippyshare

Srt file- Mega, Openload, Zippyshare (synced with Youtube and H264 AAC)

I really wanted to use the opening scene as the screenshot, but thought that would be too spoilery even though it happens within five minutes. But it was my favorite scene of the ep for sure!

Some translation notes- I don’t love the sound of “Go Club”, because without context “go” can mean things other than the game. But if I used the Chinese name for it, Weiqi, would people recognize it?

I have no idea WTF Kaiyang was going on about with the demon king and dragon scales. I guess it’s related to the Jade-Faced Dragon story? I translated it as best I could despite being very confused.

Princess Taiping was a princess during the Zhou and Tang dynasty who was one of those “shadowy manipulate everyone behind the scenes” types. She was a major player in ending the Zhou dynasty, but eventually her obsession with power was her undoing. She was also fabled for her beauty, but I doubt that was the intended implication of the nickname… at least on the surface.

I decided at the last second to replace “OCD” with “germophobia”, even though that meant re-hardsubbing and uploading everything. I meant it in the conversational, non-literal way, but Lao Zhang doesn’t directly say that and some people with diagnosed OCD don’t approve of it being used casually.

Feel free to leave translation feedback or general impressions of the drama in the comments! Please do not spoil past the episode listed in this post.


Ruanruan is bae


4 thoughts on “So Young Episode 3 Eng Sub

  1. Thank you so much for your hard work. I’m looking forward to the next episodes ❤ I really love this tv series, it's so beautiful ❤


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